Size Matters

An NFL head coach known for throwing his weight around has turned to weight loss surgery to improve his health. For Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, it’s not about his appearance, it’s about improving his health and maximizing his life span.

The Star Ledger reports that Ryan weighed 348 pounds at the end of the season. He underwent lap-band surgery at NYU hospital in mid March, for all the right reasons. ”I want to be around” Ryan said a few weeks after the surgery. “I want to enjoy my kids… see my grandkids. I don’t need to get diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems.”
The early results look good. Ryan quickly dropped 40 pounds and has set a two year goal of 100 pounds, which would get him down to about 250. We watched him being interviewed during the 2010 NFL draft and he looked downright svelte. Although he’s gotten off to a fast start, we all know that weight loss is a long-term project and surgery is not a quick fix. Good luck Rex!