New Lease on Life

We never get tired of stories like this. It reminds us of how weight loss surgery can literally change your life.

This article tells the story of a Tennessee woman who lost 210 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery and the impact it had on her life.

It’s a heart-warming story – one that resonates with countless people who have gained a new lease on life after weight loss surgery.

South of the Border

If you are considering medical tourism, this news may pique your interest. We’re not advocating traveling out of the country for weight loss surgery. It has its pros and cons, to be sure.

But we take note of what is going on in the industry, and this discount package from the Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico is priced to get your attention.

With “all-inclusive” lap band surgery going for $5,000, this hospital just over the border serves a lot of patients in the U.S.

My 45 Days

So many people are undergoing weight loss surgery these days, it’s a wonder more books like this aren’t popping up.

We were glad to come across this one – a cookbook / guidebook for the post-bariatric set, by weight loss surgery patient and author Alan Stern.

Especially of interest to us: the chapter on how to improve your chances of getting your health insurance to cover the costs of weight loss surgery.

It’s a good read – worth seeking out.