Lap Band Surgery - A Complete Guide


With advances in Laparoscopic surgical techniques that make adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery significantly less invasive than more traditional bariatric surgeries, lap band surgery is among the fastest growing weight loss surgical procedures in medical use in the United States today.

LAP-BAND is a trademarked name given to the most popular type of "gastric band” procedure.   The lap band surgery is designed to limit the amount of food patients can ingest by placing a band around the upper part of the stomach, forming a pouch to restrict capacity and slow digestion.

The band can be adjusted post-surgically by your doctor, making the stomach pouch smaller or larger as needed. This kind of post-operative fine-tuning enables doctors to customize the fit to maximize the efficacy of the procedure to suit your specific conditions.

Detailed Lap Band Surgery Information:

●  Is lap band Surgery Right for Me?
●  Types of Adjustable Gastric Bands
●  How Does It Work?
●  Before the Procedure
●  The Surgical Procedure
●  After the Procedure
●  Side Effects & Risks
●  Costs & Insurance
●  Celebrities & Lap Band Surgery