After Lap Band Surgery


Most patients undergoing adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery remain in the hospital overnight as a general precaution. The advances in laparscopic techniques have not only reduced complication rates, they have shortened recovery time. Most patients are able to resume normal activities within 2-3 days of the procedure as long as they follow their doctor’s instructions.

 The doctor may adjust the gastic band according to your conditions to maximize the efficacy of the band. In consultation with your doctor, this capacity for adjustment is one of the strengths of the gastic band procedure.

Immediately after surgery, the size of your stomach will be greatly reduced - only able to hold about one ounce of food. Following your doctor’s instructions, you will gradually adjust to eating solid food. Generally, doctors recommend that patients start with a liquid-only diet for one to two weeks while the stomach adjusts. This is often followed by a diet of pureed foods for another two to four weeks before going back to solid foods.

Hydration is important, but because the stomach pouch is so small, you should avoid drinking and eating at the same time. It’s also important that you follow your doctor’s instructions about vitamins and other supplements.

The first adjustment is generally made about six weeks after the surgery. Band adjustments are done in the doctor’s office and are quick and painless. The ability to adjust the band is one of the main advantages of lap band surgery, and it’s important that you keep seeing your lap band doctor to make sure your lap band is properly adjusted for the best benefits for your health.

After lap band surgery, most people lose weight at a gradual, sustainable rate of about one pound a week. While some people want a dramatic, quick fix, gradual weight loss has been shown to be more effective over the long term. The decision to undergo lap band surgery is based on a commitment to adopting a new, healthy lifestyle, including proper diet, nutrition and exercise.

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