Weight-Loss Surgery Resources

Check out the Web sites of these respected organizations for more information about obesity and weight-loss surgery.

American Obesity Association

The mission of the AOA is to act as an agent of change, move society to re-conceptualize obesity as a disease and to fashion appropriate strategies to deal with the epidemic.

North American Association for the Study of Obesity

The North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) is the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity. Since 1982 NAASO has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatment of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances.

National Institutes of Health

An agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health "provides leadership and direction to programs designed to improve the health of the Nation." Search the NIH Web site for information on obesity and obesity surgery.

World Health Organization

The WHO is the United Nations specialized agency for health. The WHO offers definitions and global strategies for coping with the obesity epidemic.

American Society for Bariatric Surgery

Founded in 1983, the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) is the largest society for this specialty in the world. The organization was formed by leading American bariatric surgeons to offer educational and support programs about bariatric surgery to surgeons and allied health professionals.

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