Celebrities Who Have Had Lap Band Sugery


A number of famous actors, singers, and other celebrities have chosen lap band surgery to overcome obesity. Here are some of the better-known ("alleged") Lap Band patients:

1. Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, had lap band surgery in 2010.
2. Ann Wilson, lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Heart, had lap band surgery in 2002 after having battled her weight since childhood.
3. Pro golfer John Daly lost 40 pounds thanks to lap band surgery in 2008.
4. Sharon Osbourne, the wife and business promoter of musician Ozzy Osborne, lost 100 pounds as a result of wearing a band in 1999.
5. Khaliah Ali, daughter of boxer Muhammad Ali, had lap band surgery in 2004. Her weight loss is documented in the autobiography entitled Fighting Weight.
6. Anne Diamond, British broadcaster and health promoter, had the weight loss surgery in 2005.
7. Joe Gannascoli, better known as Vito on The Sopranos, lost more than 120 pounds after his LAGB procedure.
8. Soap opera star Caitlin Van Zandt had lap band surgery in 2008. She lost 90 pounds over the following year.
9. Fern Britton, host of the British morning show ITV, received a gastric band in 2006.
10. Former Miss USA Jineane Ford lost weight in 2007 while using a lap band.
11. Benedict Francis, the famous British stage actor, blogged about his LAGB surgery in 2009.
12. The Aussie comedian and TV personality Mikey Robbins underwent weight loss surgery in 2006. He lost more than 140 pounds as a result of using the gastric band.