Weight Loss Surgery Financing


Even if you have insurance coverage that helps pay for a portion of your weight loss surgery, you're likely be required to pay for some of the initial procedure and will almost certainly have to bear the cost of certain post-operative items, which may include special vitamins and supplements, counseling, and nutritional plans, among others. Faced with paying for a portion of - or the entirety of - weight loss surgery, some patients seek financing. Most medical practices specializing in weight loss surgery offer financing plans to their patients to help them manage the cost of surgery and post-operative care. Generally, this capital is provided through third-party lenders that specialize in financing medical procedure.

 Qualifications for this financing will vary from provider to provider, but generally, the better your credit, the better your rate will be. You may have to provide collateral as assurance to the lender that the financed amount, plus interest, will be repaid in full.

Nearly every medical practice will require that all issues related to payment for the initial surgical procedure are resolved in advance of the procedure. These items will include hospital charges, surgeon's fee, surgical assistant's fee, anesthesiologist's fee, laboratory charges, x-ray charges and any additional consultation fees, as necessary.